A Radical Approach to RPGs

Trauma Adapted

This Trauma Adapated PDF shows how Trauma might be used with a few sample roleplaying systems. Although written to be used with the DICE roleplaying game most of the book is fairly rules agnostic and can be adapted to most roleplaying games.

The document is distributed freely as a PDF under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Attribution/Non-derivative Downloads

Here you can download Greg Stolze's excellent How to Play Roleplaying Games and How to Run Roleplaying Games. He very kindly made these available under a creative commons (attribution/no derivate works) license, which means you can read, share and print these, as long as you remember to give him credit and don't alter them. I must stress that he is in no way involved with Radical Approach and is a veteran roleplaying writer who has written and published several roleplaying games. I've put these guides here as they are an excellent way to learn about roleplaying games and even an experienced roleplayer may pick up a tip or two.